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Public liability insurance explained

Public Liability Insurance exists to protect every one of us. If someone visiting your business is injured, or their property is damaged, they may make a claim against you. You can also do the same if you are involved in an accident whilst visiting a public place or other business premises. It covers your business against claims made by any third party except your employees (your business needs Employers’ Liability Insurance to protect against that).

Who needs public liability insurance?

If you deal with third parties as part of your usual business activities, it is important to consider the benefits of public liability insurance. If you have visitors to your business premises or if you or your employees go to customer premises to carry out your work activities, it will provide valuable protection against the cost of an accident.
Although not a compulsory policy, it is strongly recommended for all businesses that have customers or other members of the public visit them, or if you visit the property of third parties. Even if you work from home, this insurance can be useful if you provide services or goods to businesses or the general public.

What does public liability insurance protect against?

With this policy you could be covered against injury or damage claims made against your business, whether they occurred at your premises, or anywhere else you were carrying out your business. Most policies will cover legal fees or other expenses incurred, as well as hospital treatment you may be found liable for.
Public liability insurance could provide financial protection against a broad spectrum of potential claims.
  • If a visitor to your business premises is injured on site
  • If one of your employees injures a third party whilst working for you
  • If damage is caused to property as a result of your business activities

Is public liability insurance compulsory?

No, however it is worth considering that over £1bn is paid out in public liability claims every year, providing valuable financial support to businesses. Claims can cost thousands and some clients may demand a minimum level of cover before they can consider hiring you to work with a particular business – even if you usually work from home. For advice on the amount of cover appropriate for your business, speak to an insurance professional.

What’s covered?

  • Third party property damage
  • Personal injury
  • Legal or medical fees may also be covered