Best Props in Town

"We take pride in being Dorset's photo booth that supplies you with real hand picked props that not only look great when striking a pose, but have a true history to them making them the perfect compliment to your prestige event. I 'Jim Chimney' have traveled the land to ensure we supply you with a fabulous array of original items. So you can put your feet up and relax knowing that your photo booth experience will be just as unique as you."
Jim Chimney, Co-founder of Vintage Photo Booth Dorset

Watch the videos below to see some of the best photo booth props you will find in the wedding industry.

Prop'er facts
  • We stock over 100 intriguing props.
  • Over one thousand pounds worth of props are supplied at our events.
  • The average cost we spend on an individual prop is £15.14
  • Our oldest prop dates back to 1890, the same year Stan Laurel was born.
  • Our oldest camera was in production the same year Jack Nicholson & Dustin Hoffman were born.
  • The longest distance a prop has travelled to arrive with us is 6,063 Miles.
Photo booth shots taken at Bournemouth Black Ball After Party
Jim Chimney & Daisy Roots - Vintage photo shoot at the Bournemouth Black Ball After Party