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Below you will find a copy of the terms and conditions of our service. By completing the booking and paying the initial payment you are agreeing to all of the Terms and Conditions stated below.

Please contact us if you are unclear on any of our terms and conditions before you book our booth for your event. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Daisy Roots
Co-founder of Vintage photo booth dorset

  1. Please ensure that you have obtained permission at your venue to use a photo booth, we can supply a copy of our public liability insurance if needed.
  2. Please ensure there is access to a plug socket within 3 metres of the photo booth.
  3. Please ensure there is enough space at your venue to set up the photo booth, we require a minimum of 3m x 3m x 2.3m in height, preferable not next to a food or drink serving area.
  4. We are unable to set up our photo booth on or adjacent to a dance floor area, please ensure a suitable area is selected and cleared prior to arrival.
  5. Our photo booth is for indoor use. Our photo booths can be located within a marquee as long as the marquee is water tight, walled and the floor must be solid and level.
  6. We require up to 1½  hours prior to your start time to set up, please inform us if you require an earlier set-up time or additional idle hours as there will be an additional charge for this.
  7. We will dismantle and take away the booth immediately after the hire has finished. Please ensure there is at least 1½ hours of access to the venue after your hire period.
  8. Please ensure there is a clear access to load and unload at the venue.
  9. We require a car parking space within 50 meters of the venue for the whole duration of the hire. If this is not available please inform us 48 hours prior to the event.
  10. Please inform us of any circumstances that might affect the setting up the photo booth. For example: stairs up or down,the distance from unloading to venue, restricted corridors or door widths.
  11. We are unfortunately unable to set up if any of these conditions are not met.

  1. In the unlikely event that the photo booth is not ready to commence at the agreed time due to our fault, then we will still give you the agreed hire period by extending the finishing time of the hire.
  2. In the event that the hire does not start at the agreed time, as set up has been delayed due to any unforeseen circumstances that are no fault of ourselves, then the hire will still start/end as per the agreed time in the booking form.
  3. In the event that we have set up in time but the hire does not start at the agreed time due to over running of previous activities by you or your venue, then the hire will still end as per the agreed time as stated in the booking form.
  4. The latest time we provide a photo booth is 23.00 hours on the day of hire.
  5. We cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event, these may include but are not limited to severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness or equipment failure. We reserve the right to cancel your booking at our discretion, In the case that we cannot attend or fulfil your hire we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances our liability will be limited to refunding all of monies paid.

  1. We accept no liability for any loss of personal property or any injury to persons whilst on-site or during hire, whilst using the photo booth or being in the vicinity.
  2. Children must be supervised in and around the photo booth at all times.
  3. We have a zero tolerance policy to any abuse or threatening behaviour towards our staff. If this occurs at your event our staff will terminate the hire immediately. We are providing a service to yourselves and guests and therefore expect our staff to be treated kindly in your company.
  4. We are also within our right to terminate a hire if we feel that any equipment or property belonging to the photo booths is at risk of being damaged or has been damaged due to unruly behaviour from guests.
  5. You are liable to pay for any damage sustained to the photo booth, props and equipment by yourselves or a guest.
  6. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse guests admission into the photo booth if we feel there is a danger of damage or loss, chance of injury, or risk to staff or guests safety.
  7. In any instances where we feel there is a need to terminate the hire we will inform the host before terminating.
  8. If we do have to terminate the hire, the full cost of hire is still payable and we will not issue any refunds for hire time that has been cut short.

  1. A initial payment is required at the time of booking, the remaining balance is due 6 weeks prior to your event. If you fail to pay the balance by the due date we will contact you with a reminder, you then have 24 hours to pay, if you fail to pay this will result in a loss of booking and the initial payment, the date will then become available for booking. If you are booking within 6 weeks of a hire date the full amount will be payable at the time of booking.
  2. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer.
  3. Prices are subject to change, please check before booking for current rates.
  4. Your booking is not confirmed until we receive a the initial payment and you receive a booking confirmation letter or email from us.
  5. All requests for alterations to your booking must be made in writing.
  6. When requesting a date change, If we have the new date available and the new date is within 60 days of your original booking we will transfer the booking, if the new date is unavailable then the booking will be cancelled and any payments will not be refunded.

  1. When hiring the photo booth, the hirer gives permission for images taken at the event to be used at the discretion of Daisy Roots.
  2. The photo booth will not sell your personal details to any third party and will take reasonable measures to ensure that your details remain confidential.
  3. Daisy roots reserve the right to remove any images we deem as unfit for publication.
  4. All image removal requests are to be made in writing to bookings@vintagephotoboothdorset.co.uk

  1. Cancellation periods
  • 6 weeks or more: Loss of initial payment.
  • Between 6 & 4 weeks: 40% refund.
  • 4 weeks and under: No refund of payment.

By completing the booking form and paying the deposit you agree to all the Terms and Conditions stated above.

Daisy Roots

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